Frequently Asked Questions

    • At what point should we see Dr Das?

      It depends on a number of factors. Generally, infertility is defined as unsuccessful conception after 12 months of trying. For women aged over 35, however, we recommend reducing this timeframe to six months.

      If you have any concerns at all about your fertility, either alone or as a couple, we are happy to consult with you and discuss your concerns.

    • Do I need a referral to see Dr Das?

      If you wish to claim part of your consultation fees via Medicare, you will require a current referral from either your General Practitioner (GP), which is valid for 12 months, or a specialist, which is valid for 3 months.

      A referral is not required if you are paying privately.

    • Does Private Health Insurance cover my consultation

      Private Health Insurance is only relevant when you are admitted to Hospital as an inpatient. Any consultations you have with Dr Das are claimable through Medicare, as long as you have a current referral.

    • How Long will my appointment’s be?

      For the initial consultation, you will need to set aside an hour. All follow up reviews by Dr Das are scheduled for 30 minutes.

      Other appointments, such as in-cycle (e.g., IVF, IUI or Timed Intercourse), or ultrasound scan appointments, are 20 minutes.

      Importantly, we are driven to ensure that our patients all understand the information and advice that is conveyed, and that you are provided with ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify your understanding.

    • Should my partner attend the appointment?

      There is a common misconception that women are more likely to have fertility issues than men. There is no way of knowing the underlying causes of your infertility as a couple until we have investigated you and your partner.

      Therefore, it is preferable for both partners to attend the initial consultation. Dr Das knows that his patients appreciate his attention to detail, and there is always a great deal of information to be discussed in the initial consultation.

      Remember that around 30% of couples have male factor infertility and almost another 30% require intervention for both male and female factors. Infertility is no one’s “fault” – we will help you and your partner on your journey to parenthood.

    • What will it cost me?

      The costs of consultations will be quoted at the time of making your initial appointment.

      You will be able to claim a portion of the cost from Medicare, if you have a current referral. You should register your bank account details with Medicare, so that we can claim on your behalf on the day of the appointment, and deposit the rebate into the nominated bank account.

Please call us on (07) 3831 9611 with any further questions