Most patients have some concerns regarding the financial impact of fertility treatment. We will answer your questions about treatment and consultation costs as honestly and thoroughly as we can.

The costs of consultations will be quoted at the time of making your initial appointment, so you can plan accordingly. Medicare covers a certain portion of the cost incurred, if you have a current referral.

You should make sure you have registered your bank account details with Medicare, so that we can submit the claim on your behalf during your visits. This means that Medicare deposit the rebate directly into your nominated bank account. To register please visit Medicare.

You should also register with Medicare for the “safety net”, in order to be eligible to claim an 80% rebate, as soon as you have reached the threshold. To register please visit Medicare.

Regarding private health insurance, rebates apply only to hospital admissions and will be appropriate cover for day surgery cases such as egg retrievals for IVF and general surgery such as laparoscopy. If you have concerns about your level of cover, we recommend you contact your Private Health Insurance provider.


We accept: Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Direct Debit.