We understand that taking the step to make an appointment is not always easy, so we offer our potential clients the information below, relevant to making an appointment with Dr Ashish Das.

New Patient Registration

For new patients, we highly recommend you complete a New Patient Registration online form. There is certain information we need to collect before we can make an appointment for you, and the form helps us to understand your needs.

In order to claim Medicare rebates, you will also need a referral from either a General Practitioner (GP), or another specialist. This can be completed by the referring doctor online, or by hand.  The referral information should be provided to you prior to your first appointment.
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Appointment Availability

We know how frustrating it can be to make appointments in advance, so you can take a look at Dr Das’s availability for appointments.
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Request an appointment

If you would like to arrange an appointment, you can make a request by submitting our online form.
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We use a virtual system called TeleHealth, which allows patients to have a secure consultation with Dr Das using an internet-based video and audio platform.  It is the same as having a consultation in his office without being physically present.  You can use the TeleHealth form to connect to your prebooked TeleHealth appointment at the appropriate time. Learn more about how to book a TeleHealth appointment and about TeleHealth in general.
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Your First Visit

If you want to learn about what to expect during your first visit with Dr Das, you can read more here.
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For patients concerned about the financial impact of seeking treatment, including the role of Medicare and Private Health Funds, more information can be found here.
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